Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A man’s irritation can become his irrigation when his difficulties turn to opportunities-Dr Chris Williams

You’ve just been irritated, you are upset, what do you do now? Firstly realize that anger is okay. Its okay to get angry and be angry.But you must make sure to control the anger and not let it control you. Anger is a natural reaction, the key is how you respond to it. Some of my highpoints in life, can be traced to my getting angry and maximizing the anger. When I started writing articles , I encountered a whole lot of rejections.At times, I send mails to editors introducing myself to them and telling them what I do. But it takes time for some of them to respond to my mails asking to become one of their columnist, as a result of their busy schedule, which made me angry.This anger led to my deciding to gain mastery and becoming the best on my craft. Recently on face book , a publisher of a magazine asked me to become a columnist for his publication, promising to reward me financially beyond what I had in mind.

Most people get angry , when they have a setback, when they, or others are treated unfairly, when things are not the way it should be. The challenge is that they let the anger subside and never harness its power. Anger is like a mighty rushing river that generates enough power to light a city. Imagine having a river and not using its water for power.’You can’t play the piano, God knows you can’t sing.You better learn how to weave chairs so you can support yourself. ‘Those were the uninspiring words from a teacher to a student and that student was Ray Robinson Charles. Popularly known as Ray Charles. At the tender age of six, he was completely blind. In his words:’As I look back over that period, I now realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to me’Those words made Ray angry, and he harnessed the anger positively, not by destroying himself, but by building up himself.

Anger used destructively can set your live ablaze and kill your opportunities.It becomes crucial to turn anger into an asset.That sack letter can inspire you to start your own business, that letter of eviction can propel you to build your own house …..turn that rage in riches.Some people do not get motivated, till they get angry.They need anger to push them out of the nest and make them fly. Sometimes , we need to be filled with righteous indignation.Willie Jolley ,Motivational Consultant puts is this way:’ Sometimes a success is a failure who gets mad, angry enough to take action’.Its alright to get angry, don’t just allow anger to get you.

-ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Why am I angry? Will this make a difference in a year?if the answer is no! then let it go!

-DIFFUSE AND USE IT: Whenever you get irritated try and look for the opportunity in the rage, instead of destroying the objects around you, look inwards and see how you can maximize the anger t your benefit.

-TAKE A BREAK:Cool your nerves , try to leave the scene of the anger and make sure you never say anything when you are angry , you may regret later.Turn that irritation to your door to solutions.Go make it happen!

Kehinde Ajose is a renowned career coach, Syndicated columnist and sought after speaker, who is reachable @ 08024212530 or splendidkenny01@yahoo.com

Thursday, October 22, 2009



Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Imagine a roomful of pretty , gorgeously dressed people in an atmosphere of pure joy.Everyone is clad in Green raising high the Nigerian national flag and displaying sheer patriotism. I believe patriotism should go beyond being beautifully dressed in the Nigerian colors with the tag:’ I love Nigeria’. Its more than that, its an attitude, a lifestyle, a culture…At this time in our national life, our dear country not only needs individuals who will proudly fly the Nigerian national flag, our great country needs people who will paint the country ‘Green’ by contributing their crops (ideas, skills, resources to the green land.
Green epitomizes growth, freshness, rebirth, harvest and fulfillment of dreams. For any revolution to take place it emerges from someone who is totally sold out to an idea i.e. a monomaniac with a mission. Our revolution is encapsulated in our ability to project our ‘G.R.E.E.Ness’.What does G.R.E.E.N mean in this context?

Orison F marden once made a sagacious statement: ‘The golden opportunity you are seeking is in you, not in your environment , its not in luck or chance, or the help of others , it is in you, yourself alone’. The possibility of creating our desired future is not outside of us, it’s already within us. Your gift is your gift to humanity, unwrap it and present it as a present to your society. This country needs your natural endowments and your skills never fail to unlock it and make it blossom.Gani Fawenhimi, Obafemi Awolowo,Sunny Ojeagbase, Guy Murray Bruce, Betty Irabor, Kanu Nwankwo, are all Nigerian brands who are using their giftedness to impact their nation and their generation.Nigerian actress Genevieve Nnaji was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show in an episode ‘Meet the Most Famous People in the World‘. A montage of photos and a video clip (from the movie ‘Bursting Out’) featuring Genevieve was shown as her various career highlights were mentioned. Gene who was referred to as the “Julia Roberts of Africa” on the show was chosen due to her wide appeal across the African continent and all over the world. Genevieve is contributing her gift to helping carve out a positive image for Nigeria.Its your responsibility to find our place, take charge of the space, till its gives you pace and makes you a credible face.

Greening for change is built on the platform of responsibility. Every great revolutionary stood on the platform of responsibility , embraced the virtue of initiative , and the can do attitude became their mantra. Nigeria can make the most of her national life by deciding to birth pathfinders nit fault finders.Pathfinders create solutions out of chaos, faultfinders create chaos out of solutions. Yes! Nigeria is filled with various challenges from a comatose power supply, to a crawling economy , on the flip side, its creates an avenue for us to soar if we take responsibility and take charge. Nigeria only becomes a desirable nation to live in when we stop passing the buck to the government alone and start making a difference in our own little corner. Now is the time to look for the tools to build our nation, and if we can’t find them, we create them.

Effectual implies producing the results that was intended. When you produce effective results in your area of calling, it will have a direct effect on the country’s productivity quotient. If you are a teacher, teach to the utmost of your ability, if you are a lawyer, render professional legal services without staining your intergrity.Don’t just do your work as a means to making money, see it as an opportunity to make an impression and autograph your work with excellence.

Going the extramile means doing more than is expected of you, stretching yourself to success, and living above mediocrity. Look around you today, there are certainly are a few ways by which you can go the extramile.You can put a smile on someone’s face by stretching forth your hands of kindness, You can help create solutions to that problem you’ve been complaining about. Look beyond yourself and help fight poverty, ignorance, low self esteem. Start today, Join the G.R.E.E.N REVOLUTION.

N-ation builder
When you use your gifts and take responsibility. coupled with becoming effectual in your chosen field of influence, and going the extra mile for others, you are actually a nation builder. Nation building is a joint effort not only the government's responsiiblity.You are a Nigerian for a purpose, ignore the believe that the grass is greener on the other side , its the shade of light that makes it different.
Join the G.R.E.E.N revolution, and start a national transformation campaign in your own little corner, stop cursing the darkness in Nigeria and start lighting a candle. Nigeria will suceed!Get your green on!

Kehinde Ajose is a renowned career coach, motivational speaker and syndicated columnist.He is reachable @ splendidkenny01@yahoo.com, 08024212530

Friday, September 4, 2009



So many individuals have a preconceived notion about comfort zones. We have been told by management consultants, motivational speakers, life coaches that we should leave our comfort zone. We are told stuffs like:. "Good is the enemy of great." Some of them go further by telling us to stretch our potentials so that we can achieve more. Yes , I concur to the fact that its vital to leave your comfort zone, but I am also of the opinion that its imperative to live in your comfort zone.

Comfort zone in this context may be an activity, skill, talent, or something you engage in that makes you comfortable, excited, animated, alive, that gives you verve.Fela durotoye calls it your natural habitat, John Maxwell calls it your strength zone, a sage called it your :’Callingfication’.For a tiger woods its playing golf, for a Gbenga Adeyinka its humor, for a an Asa its music for a Bunmi Davies its event management, for an Ayo Arowolo its personal finance. God never created you without depositing your comfort zone within which you must express without.Birds are comfortable in the sky, cars are comfortable on the road,fishes are comfortable on water not outside of it.

On the flip side, so many are running the race of life outside their comfort zones.They do jobs they are not comfortable with, marry spouses that deplete their energy, and strive towards making a living instead of living their making.Heart attacks happens in America usually in the mornings between 7am and 9am because it is during that time people go to do jobs they are not comfortable doing.A story was once told in the Bible about David when he wanted to confront the giant called Goliath.King Saul clothed David with his armour and helmet, and some other war instruments.He tried in vain to use them , because he wasn, t comfortable with them.So David had to put them off.Then he decided to stick to what he is comfortable with:”Five smooth stones and a sling”.With these he was able to defeat goliath.

The major lesson I learnt from this story is that, in life people will often cloth you with offers you are not comfortable with, they instruct you to leave your comfort zone , instead of encouraging you to live in your comfort zone.Imagine a guy whose comfort zone is playing football, but based on societal expectations, he decided to got through the normal four walls of our education system which is not working.Imagine, if there is a soccer academy that is operated like a university, that allows student who have the flair for playing football to sharpen their talents and also their intellect.How many good footballers would we have produced.Formal education should help in strengthening, developing and empowering the talent that has been discovered.

The other day on TV , I saw an interview where a professor was agitating for salary increment.He said professors earn 4m annually It is appalling that professors earn 4m annually, when the highest paid musicians, actresses, actors, comedians can earn it just in 4 appearances.According to David Gelember, :”Being the biggest frog doesn,t,matter, if you are in the wrong pond”.As a student mathematics held no fascination for me , it wasn,t my comfort zone .Amazingly, on the flip side, i couldn,t resist my love affair with Englsh,I perform at my best both in written or spoken form .Dear friend, never ignore or discountenance your comfort zone, it is your true wealthy place, your own acres of diamond.Decide to make your life a masterpiece by sticking to your comfort zone.Go and rule your world!


Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Imagine waking up on a bright Monday morning, with your mum knocking on the door of your room, being told by your mother that the president of the nation will be hosting a reception to honour you as a result of your excellent academic performance. Imagine seeing your interview being aired on CNN and you are being interviewed by the inimitable oprah winfrey as a result of being a highflying student. Imagine your picture being placed on the first page of a national daily with the caption:’14 years old crowned best student in the whole of Nigeria’. How do all these examples makes you feel? Happy,excited, on top of the world,…. Will definitely be your response?
Now let’s leave dreamland and face reality. What will you love to do, in order to make this dream come true? Briefly I will be sharing with you the success secrets of the highflying student. Every student dreams of being a success, but the majority never take the first step towards achieving this dream. So you are asking. …What does it takes to become a highflying student? I will be unveiling this to you in the form of an acronym from the word S.T.U.D.E.N.T

Before you can be called a student, you have to study. Your study should come before anything else. The most important thing about being a student is to study. To study means to gain knowledge especially through reading. You need to take your study time serious, never miss it. Never miss a class, and if you do, rely on the notes of your classmates, and tell them to teach you what the teacher taught them in your absence.
REWARD: Anything that gets rewarded gets done. Reward yourself after study time by playing video games, playing basketball or watching a movie.
Exercise1: Write this in your note:’ I am committed to my studies and I will never joke with my study time.’

How much time you are willing to invest in order to be a highflying student? For you to get the prize at the end of the session, you must pay a price. It is what you do with your time that determines your result at the end of the session.
Exercise 2:How much time are you willing to invest everyday in your academics?
DISCIPLINE: It has been defined as doing what must be done whether you feel like doing it or not. There will be times you feel like sleeping, playing with your friends, or watching movies, never give in , this is the price you need to pay for success.

Master yourself and you will master your results. Every student has his/her unique reading style. For some individuals, they do well reciting their notes so that it will stick to their brain. Some write it several times in a jotter for it to stick. Whatever reading style you are comfortable it, make sure it works BEST for you.
REPETITION: Whatever you repeat, you retain.
Exercise 3:Write down the reading style that gets you your best result, and stick to it.

Make up your mind to be nothing less than the best. Life never gives you what you want, but what you decide. You need to be tired of returning home with average result. Determine in your heart what grades are unacceptable to you. What you want in life, will not be dependent on the options available to you, but what you choose. Choose to be a highflying student today.
HARDWORK:Nothing works like work.Give your all to your academics
Exercise 4:Write out the grades you will love to score in all your subjects and work towards it.

Love your teachers and your subjects, and you will get good grades. Most of the time, the subjects we performed poorly at, are the subjects we hate. You can never learn from what you despise. Choose to enjoy tough subjects and find someone who loves that subject. Poor results are the price we pay for lack of passion for a subject.
Exercise 5:Write down a subject you hate and find something to love about that subject.

God is the owner of our lives and we must constantly do things that please him.Prayer is one of the ways one can communicate with the almighthy.As a student, you must pray to God for knowledge and hunger for information.
Exercise 6:Create time to pray to the almighty for success in your academics.

If you truly desire to become a high flying student, you must pursue it.No matter how talented you are , you cannot win a game you did not play. If you want it badly, then pursue it madly. Let your fantastic results show that you appreciate your parents and teachers.
Exercise 7: Create a study timetable
AFFIRMATION: I am a high flying student , I deserve to be the best, I will not disappoint my self, parents and my teachers. I can do it, and I will do it.

Prepared by:Kehinde Ajose- CEO MOVE SOLUTIONS

Monday, July 13, 2009


If you meet anyone who knows me well enough, and ask them to tell you something about me, more often than not they will mention my love for anything in print. I make a living by using words either through writing or speaking .Recently, I got a mail from some people who wants to start a magazine ,persuading me to get on board as a columnist. On the larger scale , I have also been commissioned with coming up with peak performance trainings for individuals and professionals. This subject TURNING YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT is a subject that I am impassioned talking about. In this day and age where the rate of unemployment is growing in leaps and bounds , where more young people are leaving school without getting immediate employment. It is critical for them to turn their labour of love into a love of labour.
Every one has a passion. The fact that everyone has a passion shows that we all have something we are good at, something we are experts in, something that gives us an inner sense of fulfillment. Real life examples abound. Think about TY Bello, who turned her passion for photography into a profession, think about funke bucknor obruthe who turned her love for organizing things into an events planning company called Zappphaire, not forgetting Bright okpocha whose love for stand up comedy has seen him become one of Nigeria’s strongest comedy brands. In the words of John D Rockefeller: “The road to happiness lies in two simple principles; find what it is that interests you and you can do so well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it. Every bit of energy, ambition and drive that you have.”
The challenge for so many individuals is that they want to start out making money instantly from their passion. That is not to say it is impossible, but there is as place of starting small, taking baby steps, pursuing it one day at a time. I often tell my audience this while speaking on the subject of passion:” Do what you have a flair for, if you are good enough the money will come”. Resolve to chase your passion not your pension. You must get money to chase you but never let it catch you. If it catches you, you will become its slave. In a research carried out by career consultants it was discovered that most people will be happier doing another job. All known achievers build their live on their major or core inclinations. You can summarize their names in one word or a brief sentence. Martin Luther king was civil rights disposed, Shakespeare demonstrated literature, larry izamoje comes alive talking sports.
Professor Pat Utomi is one Nigerian that epitomizes this subject. A man who was already a presidential adviser at the age of 27.He voluntarily left the prospect of becoming a Nigeria’s first indigenous CEO of Volkswagen Automobile because he was no longer having fun. Something deeper was calling for his heart felt attention. Business research and analysis of the environment fascinated him extremely. He followed his passion and left the cozy confines of corporate Nigeria. Today, there’s practically nothing money can buy that he can’t get. He says; ‘Do what you enjoy doing , give value, in the end you are happier”. Revisit the things that brought you great joy and bliss whenever you thought about or did them, they just might serve as a clue to your own wealthy place.
Dear reader, decide to fan your fascination into flame. You too can begin to say to yourself: “This little light of mine am gonna let it shine” Stick to your “Callingfication not necessarily your qualification. Go and rule your world!

Monday, July 6, 2009


F rom time to time I am drawn to write about events happening in the broader society. In the first 24 hours since his death the media coverage of his death has been unbelieveable. As a matter of fact, I switched on my radio set and my jaws nearly dropped from discovering the fact that every radio station in the country were playing Michael Jackson’s songs at the same time. Even our print media has been infected by the temptation to do a story on Michael Jackson’s death. In the midst of the tears, tributes and loss, I see some core motivational lessons that might well be lost in the glitter and the hype.

Lesson 1
Start Early: He was born with a voice that will heal the world and it was discovered early enough. He started singing at the age of 5, started dancing at the age of 8, debuted as a pro at 11 as a member of Jackson 5 band in 1969.The discovery of one’s career path early enough will always push you into the path of success. Self-knowledge is the most critical prerequisite needed in becoming an achiever. If you don’t discover what you carry early enough you will be carried away by life’s activities. Your self-knowledge should not be based on what other people think of you. Never allow what people think, feel or say about you to become your reality. MJ identified his strength zone and stuck to it till his dieing day.

Lesson 2
Pursue Mastery: No doubt Jackson was a thriller in his craft, his serenading voice rocked our world and his world-class music offerings made the world a better place. He pursued his talent and became a master at it. For a Tiger woods it s golf, for a Funke Akindele its acting movies, for me its inspiring people through the words of my mouth to live their best lives. Mastery means being exceptionally skilled, competent and proficient in a craft. Jackson was an all rounder-a singer, composer, performer, dancer and entrepreneur. Fans around the world were stunned by the news of his death, his 1982 album thriller which remains the biggest selling album of all time went immediately to number one in the I tune chart, while twitter the online messaging service was receiving 5,000 messages a minute. That’s what mastery can do for you; it will make you a mystery to your world.

Lesson 3
Make Impact: In the words of Odia Ofeimun a Nigerian literary critic:’Michael Jackson is one of the greatest musicians of the century, because he pulled all the resources of the 20th century into his music”. That’s impact. It’s been said time and again that it’s your impact that determines your importance. The moon walking pop star sold more than 61million albums in the U.S, during his life time he won 13 Grammies, drove the growth of music videos, vaulting popular cable channel’s growth MTV into the mainstream .His album-thriller is still the second best selling album of all time. According to Judy Mc grath CEO of Viacom inc’s MTV networks:” The ratings thriller got were three or four times what they were, every time the video came on”. Jackson’s influence and brand affinity was so strong that Walt Disney hitched his wagon to his star in 1986,opening a 3d movie at its park called:’ Captain Eo ‘

Lesson 4
Work on your character: like every one of us on the face of the earth, Jackson had his own flaws and frailties. In 1983 he was accused of molesting a 13 years old boy. This had a hard blow on his reputation, celebrity status, and personal brand. In the words of Michael Levine, his publicist at that time: ‘That kind of represents the beginning of walk down a tragic path finanacially, spiritually, physiologically and legally.” He settled with the boy’s family, but other accounts of his alleged pedophilia began to emerge. In 2003, Jackson was arrested and charged for allegedly molesting another 13 years old boy. The 2005 trial, ultimately ended in an acquittal and brought to light more strains in his character and public perception.

Lesson 5
Take charge of your finances: Despite his fame and fortune, he still had a great challenge taking charge of his finance. He made a lot of money that might just last for a lifetime, but it wasn’t just enough. One forensic accountant testified that the singer had an “ongoing cash crisis”. According to Economic Times. Indian times.com, its been reported that he died in $400 million dollars debt. Alvin Malnik his former financial adviser said in an interview with Newyork times 2006:’I think that Michael never had any concept of fiscal responsibility, there was no planning in terms of how much he should spend .For Michael it was whatever he wanted at the time he wanted”. Gaining financial mastery means you trace your expenses, you don’t spend on impulse and you are disciplined enough to stick to these things.

Lesson 6
Self Image is everything: The sorry sight of Jackson while he was alive is a vital lesson for those who desire to recreate themselves. He lived in a racist society where a colored person with or without accomplishment was regarded as a second-class citizen. His way of escape was to do a plastic surgery so he could look ‘White’. Obama didn’t have to change the color of his skin to be accepted same applies to the likes of Oprah.The way you perceive yourself is the way others will perceive you. Never judge yourself based on your current realities. Be a good judge of yourself and never sell yourself short. Micheal ruled his world just in 5oyears it, s as if he was here for 1000 years this a function of his contribution to his world. Are you rocking your world?

Kehinde Ajose is Nigeria youngest career coach, he is reachable @ splendidkenny01@yahoo.com or motivationswithkehindeajose.blogspot.com