Tuesday, January 1, 2008

how to live a better life in 2008

An old man who lived long ago enjoyed a reputation in his community for - near infinite wisdom.A young lad, skeptical of the aura surrounding the old man,decided to demistify him once and for all.He caught a cricket, enfolded it in his hands,and then called out to the old man:"Old man, the cricket that i hold is it alive or dead?The young boy had come up with a clever idea.He thought "If he says the cricket is alive, i shalll crush it in an instant "."If on the other hand he says it is dead,i shall release it and show him to be a liar"The old man looked at the boy squarely, and told him in a slow deep voice :"Young man, whether the cricket is dead or alive lies in your hands."
Whether this year is going to open you up to endless possibilties or perilious experiences is up to you.Living a better life is about being able to live life at its peak and fulfil your destiny on this terrestial platform.All i will be sharing with you in this life transforming article that will pace you up for success , is encapsulated in the word :B .E T. T.E.R

-B:Be bold:2008 like every other year is not going to be a piece of cake.But our fulfilment and roofraising achieevements is predicated on the magnitude of boldness we take into the new year which eventually makes us outstanding in our various life's pursuit.In the words of Dolores Ibarruri:It is better to be the wdow of an hero than to be the wife of a coward"To be willling to do bettter you have to face your fears and lean on your faith. Owen gee one of Nigeria's best comedians took a bold step when he left his lucrative job to pursue his passion :stand up comedy.Today Owen gee is living his dream and crashing ceilings in his chosen craft.

-E:Embrace excellence:Vince lombardi said:"Your success in life will be determined by the depth of your commitment to excellence than by any other factor".Resolve to be the very best at what you do. Seek to increase your capacity for excellence and efficiency .What one quality if developed and worked on will have an excellent impact on your life?

-T:Think possibilities:People bound for greatness think possibilities all the way.They are die hard optimists who are unshakeable despite the gravity of whatever they go through.In life you don,t get what you deserve , you get what you believe and enthusistically expect.

-T:Tenacity:Michael jordan was told he wasn't good enough when he decided to join his varsity basketball team, but he refused to give up. Today he is one of the greatest sports men of our time.Mahatma ghandi once remarked:"The history of the world is fulll of men who rose to prominence by tenacity".Persistence wears out every resistance.

-E:Execute:Kane kramer, a british gentleman designed and sketched out the first ipod in 1979 but did nothing with it.Today the ipod has taken over the world.He remains a store man at a furniture company in hardfordshire England.Nothing happens unless you move.Action orientation is still the culmination factor that leads to predictable success.Resolve to take steps of action towards your projects, proposal and plans in 2008.

-R:Remember God :-After all is said and done the role of God can never be under estimated in the affairs of men.One of Nigeria's leading motivational speaker once made this statement:"I am not selfmade i am God made".No one can do what God can do, solely because he rules over the earth.Beyond yor plaques, achievements, and successes you still need to hook up with God if you desire to go a long way in 2008.This year can be your best year ever in your life time if you act on these outlined thoughts.Have a great year!

Ajose kehinde is a motivational speaker/career coach.He helps people find and focus on their career so as to experience fabulous results.He is reachable at 08024212530 or splendidkenny01@yahoo.com