Wednesday, March 26, 2008


A man died and met st peter at the pearly gates, immediately realizing that st peter was a wise and knowledgeable individual the man inquired:”St peter I have been interested military history or many years .Tell me , who was the greatest general of all time,st peter quickly responded:”Oh that’s a simple question its that man right over there. You must be mistaken responded the man now very perplexed. I knew that man on earth and he was just a common labourer.That’s right my friend said st peter , he would have been the greatest general of all time , if he had been a general.
God created us in such a way that there will always be something that catches our fancy, make us come a live even when we aren’t feeling good, and is like fire in our bones. I am sure you’ve heard of great names like sunny obazu ojeagbase, mikel obi, pat utomi, chimamanda adichie. These are individuals drawn from different walks o life who are succeeding in their chosen career. During my career coaching sessions, some of my clients often ask me this question:What does it take to succeed on your career paths. In this highly inspirational article , I will be sharing with you the tools and habits you need to acquire so as to be a brand in your chosen field of endeavor. I will be guiding you through this journey using the acronym G .u.i.d.e

G-Giant sized passion
In the words of Richard Steele:” Men spend their lives in the service of their passion, instead of employing their passion in the service of their live”. Getting amazing results on your career path requires a whole lot of passion. Some many people are struggling on a job they are ill suited for. One of the greatest of all success secrets is for you to decide what you enjoy doing and find a way to make a good living doing it. For me its motivational communication .For an ali baba it is stand up comedy, for a funmi iyanda it is producing and presenting talkshows.A clue to unlocking your hidden genius is to dwell on your strength zone i.e a combination of your gifts, hobbies , natural endowment and abilities
U-Unmatched preparation
Benjamin Franklin asserted:” The secret of success is for a man to be prepared when his time comes”. No man goes to the battle field, and start preparing for the battle on the battle field.For instance if you desire to build a career in the banking industry, it is critical for you to start mingling with the best in the banking industry .Start reading and expanding your mind in your area of strength.Ayo makun a.k.a A.y , one of Nigeria’s hottest comedians started his comedy business right from his days at delta state university. He started with organizing events and today he is smiling enthusiastically to the bank. If you are preparing today, chances are you will not be repairing tomorrow.

I-Inimitable initiative
Initiative energizes your career. High achievers are often individuals who have an unquenchable bias for action. They do not wait till they are told what to do , before doing what they are supposed to do.Nothing will bring you the attention of people than having “A do it now mentality”. Talent without initiative never reaches its potential. Initiative is the father of knowledge. Having initiative also implies doing whatever it takes to invest in your intellectual capacity. companies all over the world are fast discarding non compliant players and jostling for a workforce concomitant with the ongoing knowledge revolution.

D-Daring attitude
Enduring success on your career will largely be dependent on your ability to cultivate a daring attitude .Daring is the way of life that has been instrumental to the monumental achievement of men. Daring means to go for what others shy away from. You need to begin to challenge what as been termed impossible in your career path. you need to swim in unconventional waters. You will always be better off daring than staring.

E-Exceptional focus
Becoming a leading light in your career requires being able to focus on what you can do and not on what you can’t do. Emilio butrugueno the vice president of real Madrid said:’ I have seen time and time again that the difference between a good player and a great player is the capacity to focus”. Focus all your energies on your career nothing more, nothing less!. whatever you are willing to focus on expands. To focus a lens you must point it to an object until it can get a well defined image .This takes a great degree of concentration.
Finally , no one is responsible for your career success other than you. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with your limitless variety of talents. All you have to do now is to put into gear(action) these five principles I have shared with you. Go and rule your world!
Ajose kehinde is Nigeria’s youngest career coach/ motivational speaker. Member coaching academy club u.k.He is currently studying English at Lagos state university. He is reachable at 08024212530/