Wednesday, April 8, 2009


When you just can’t wait to get on the job early in the morning and find it difficult to leave late in the day, you can well say that you are engaged in a love affair with your career. It is a pitiful sight to see men and women engaged in a work which to them is drudgery. Unless you love you job, you are just wasting the precious gift of life away. Regardless of your past experiences or trainings move on into the job which fans your fascination and allows you to dance to the music within you. It is far better to be a happy mechanic or machinist than an attorney unhappy with his profession. In our career decisions, passion should be in the front burner not pay.

As Balboa stood on the shores of the Pacific Ocean which he had just discovered, overlooking that vast expanse of water, he had no idea of its size, its gigantic proportions. He did not know that he had just discovered the largest ocean in the world. There was no way for Balboa to recognize that the waters of the pacific stretches from the American continent to the continent of Asia and Australia. When Christopher Columbus and his sailors first sighted land in the new world, they had no idea how close they are to the virgin riches of the great America mainland. We are a lot like Balboa and Columbus .We have barely scratched the surface of our God given potentials. We have not played in full scale the harmonious music in us waiting to be harnessed. There are treasures within our grasp, but unless we become the “Columbus “ of our soul in conjunction with God, we will never rise to fulfill our potentials. Therefore, what does it takes to uncover your passion and live life at your own pace and rhythm. It is encapsulated in the world P.A. S.S.I.O.N

P stands for-PLEASURE: Your passion will be something that gives you pleasure. According to Aristotle: “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”. It all started in his university days at Bendel state university (now Ambrose Ali University ekpoma).Then Atunyota Akpoboromeriere, popularly known as Ali Baba was just deriving pleasure from making people laugh. There was no plan in his mind to profit from his passion for stand up comedy as a business. But gradually, it became an income earner. By the time he left school, he was already earning cool cash. He has over the years been able to birth a thriving business enterprise from his love for humour.

A stands for –ATTENTION: What you pay attention to is usually a pointer to your passion. Its been said that energy flows where attention goes .For some individuals its music that gets their attention, for some other people it might just be other activities.PYPE a fast rising Nigerian musician once made this statement in an interview: “I remember when I was six or seven I used to stand at people’s window just so I could listen when they play my kind of music”. Music got his attention extremely.

S stands for –SACRIFICE: The law of sacrifice states that there is a price for every prize worth possessing in life’s grand stand. Therefore , the kind of sacrifices you make that is in line with your area of calling, could be an indication of a silent zone of passion crying for expression. The proof that you are passionate about a thing is willingness to pay any price in other to make that thing work.

S stands for –SERVICE: Your passion will always provide a service or meet a need of some kind for others. Bose Ayeni discovered her passion for the fast-food business when she started a small family business with the aim of being in control of her time and having time for her family. Along the way, she discovered that she could turn into a full time service rendering business. In her words:” It was a meeting of interest and opportunity. Service is the path that leads to greatness.

I stands for –INTEREST: Your passion is usually something that interests you. Larry Izamoje of BRILA FM turned his interest in sports into money spinning income earner. An odd passion over a decade ago is spawning an entire industry today. He didn’t just allow it to be a mere interest, but converted it to paying him monetary interest. His unquenchable interest sets us ablaze on radio. As he puts it:” Today, if I had to fill a form under hobby, it would be watching and talking sports…so you find for me how the hobby became what brings money”

O stands for-OBSERVATION: People’s consistent observation of a particular trait, asset or attribute is usually a pointer to discovering your passion. The observations of those close to us can also help in the discovery of our passion.Cobhams Asuquo, the world class visually impaired music producer , was able to identify his passion for music as a result of his parents consistent observations of his actions and gestures whenever music is being played. At the age of 4 his parents bought him a Casio keyboard which he played. There was an occasion when food got burnt because they had all gone to watch cobhams play the piano. Little wonder, he ‘s one of Nigeria finest music makers.

N stands for NATURAL: Your passion is often unstudied, unlearned, but it comes naturally to you. According to Sydney Smith: Whatever you are by nature, stick to it, never desert you line of talent. Be what nature created you for and you will succeed.”

I hope this article has been able to unearth and unlock you r passion for living. If you desire to turn your passion into profit, don’t hesitate to call or send me a mail. Go and rule your world!

Kehinde Ajose is a career coach who teaches individuals how to turn their passion into profit. He is reachable @ 08024212530/