Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Indeed gates was the kind of kid who would abscond with his dad,s copy of fortune{a global business magazine } and read it in bed late at night with a flash light"-FORTUNE MAGAZINE

What started the whole thing for bill gates was the unforgettable
encounter he had with january 1975 issue of the newsletter, "Popular Electronics".In the newsletter he read the caption"World,s first mini computer that an individual could buy and own".As every hardware must be driven by software,Gates and his friend paul allen decided to find facts which enabled them to write soft ware codes.A few years later,IBM the typewriter manufacturing giants knew that the future was no longer in typewriters and started making PCS.Bill gatyes was later called to write sofrwares to be used for millions of IBM PCS.Gates says further,"By pursuing that with a pretty incredible focus and by being there at the very beginning of the industry,we were able to build a company that has played a very central role in what has been a pretty big revolution"
Factfinding helps you to discover information about a particular situation,its not just enough to find your career path , you must also be a able to find the facts necessary for excellence in your chosen field of endeavour.For you to be an highflier in your chosen career, you need to commit yourself to lifelong learning.As Pat riley basketball coach puts it"If you are not getting better you are getting worse".Do whatever it takes to stay informed in your chosen career path,because it will give you a competitive edge above others.
Factfinding helps you to leverage on the following:
*O.P.K-Other people,s knowledge:Since any investment in knowledge pays the best interest,it is important for you to engage in continious mental diet through reading.Just this year alone, i have read not less than 50 books so as to be excellent in my field.According to studies the highest paid in every profession read 2 to 3 hours everyday in their field just to keep current.

*O.P.E-Other people,s experience:Every success is a function of standing on the shoulder of a giant.You need to tap from other people,s wealth of experience.For instance if you desire to be a medical practitioner it is wise for you to have doctors as friends in order for them to coach you to success.

*O.P.P-Other people,s programmes:Kafayat(a.k.a kaffy) shafau the young lady who won the 2006 nokia silverbird danceathon competiton and broke the world record for nonstop dancing said in an interview:"I have acquired knowledge about dance and fitness and i can talk to anyone about the subject".By attending seminars, workshops,related to your chosen career you can rise to be the best in that chosen craft.
Now resolve to take steps of action towards these outlined thoughts.Always remember this saying:"If it is to be its up to me".Look forward to hearing from you .Go and rule your world!

Ajose kehinde is a career coach and a 100level student of Lagos state university .He is reachable at splendidkenny01@yahoo.com or 08024212530