Saturday, July 4, 2009

For the past five years , I have been earning a living as a syndicated columnist. I started contributing my articles to national dailies at the age of 19, and I must say here that it has profitable payoffs and benefits. Those early years were difficult, with a whole lot of rejections that almost shattered my dreams. But I resolved to stay persistent on my dream. Today the story has changed, I can proudly say(obviously by the grace of God) that I am touching lives. I will quickly share with you my tipping points as a renowned syndicated columnist:
1.Name recognition: As a result of my consistent writing of motivational/personal development articles, I am now an authority in my chosen craft. my mail box and phone is replete with testimonies of individuals who have been inspired and transformed by my articles.Read the following testimonies:

Hello sir how are u doing sir, i read one of your articles and it was very fascinating please i will love be one of your mentee. my name is Isaiah Sabitu.-Isaiah Sabitu

Hi, Kehinde Ajose

Genexx is a monthly news magazine, a fast growing publication that aims at affecting the youth, education and society positively.

We saw your motivational write up (How to live a better life in 2009) and we loved it. We'll like to feature your write ups in subsequent editions of our magazine

2Self promotion:.Being a columnist has given me the opportunity to publize what I do, and gain media attention. I have granted several newspapers and magazine interviews through this platform.

3.Financials:As a columnist I get paid for what I do, and it has helped added to my streams of income.

4Syndication:I write for over ten publications and it gives me the opportunity to syndicate my articles to a broader audience.

5.Speaking engagements: Maintaining these columns has created several speaking engagement for me and also consulting jobs.

6.Impact:I must confess, it has given me the opportunity to impact people’s lives since life is all about making impact not necessarily income.
7.Mastery:I have been able to sharpen my writing skills since I stuck to the regimen of writing at least one article in a week.

Today, I write for the following publications which have national and international readership:
Businessdaynewspapers, Vanguard newspaper,Timelessnewspaper,Momentum magazine,234magazine,Winning attitudes gold magazine,Edutaiment magazine,The street hawker magazine,laffmattazz magazine, Inside watch Africa magazine and other mainstream publications that space can allow me to state.
People have been asking me to teach them this skill… which I have decided to unveil in a one on one coaching class tagged:HOW TO BE A SOUGHT AFTER COLUMNIST.
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Monday, June 29, 2009



(Lessons from Ali Baba)

The glamour and grandeur started off the moment you stepped into the grand venue of ALIBABA AGAIN-(He, Them and I) a show organized to bid Atunyota Akpoborome (Ali Baba) farewell from the stand up comedy turf. It was a night of humor and motivational nuggets for me, as I got to learn some life altering lessons which I will be sharing with you shortly, from the enterprising spirit of Alibaba.At the event, powered by the unassuming but industrious Bunmi Davies CEO Afrotainment Productions, every comedian that strutted the stage, took turns to pour praises on the icon that has been referred to as :THE KING OF COMEDY.Just two decades back,it would have been difficult for someone to approach you with his business card held in his hand ,proudly introducing himself as a stand up comedian, one would have thought it was another joke entirely.Today, its an amazing reality as countless individuals have been able to create an enterprise out of their love for humour.According to Dennis Waitley:’There is no scarcity of opportunities to make a living out of what you love, there is only a scarcity of resolve to make it happen”.There is no big deal about succeeding on life’s terrain , only if you are ready to play by the rules.They are basic, workable, and universal .


Find your natural habitat:Your natural habitat is the terrain where you can reign and function at your peak which in turn becomes your habitation.Ali is a brand in the entertainment industry because he located his natural habitat(an outlet for expressing his inborn abilities, gifts and talents) .It all started in his university days at Bendel state University now Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma,when as a student, he was known for “Yabbing” his friends.As time went on, he started getting paid for making people laugh.’Comedy is not so difficult, because for me it comes as a second nature” he said.The golden opportunity you are seeking is in you,not somewhere else.


Find your audience:The truth is that you are not called to meet the needs of everybody. As a matter of fact, everybody can’t be your customer/client.That’s why its imperative for you to find your audience.If you can find those who will buy into what you have to offer,then you have stepped on the first rung of the ladder of success in business.Ali gained attention of his audience, breaking into boardrooms, corporate organizations,weddings, birthdays and other events.With his rib cracking and message filled humour.


Never underestimate opportunities:Opportunities are sure openings into promotion. Opportunities only become obvious when we pay attention to them.They do not come with their value stamped on them that’s why its often missed. It all started big for Ali when he had the opportunity to perform at the small birthday party organized for President Olusegun Obasanjo.After adding fun and value to the event, he became Aso rock’s official comedian.He maximized the opportunity which gave birth to more profitable gigs.Our talents may be limited but the opportunities they could pull to us are limitless.


Have a corporate identity:In ther business world, image is everything,It is appearance that determines acceptance.People still judge a book by its cover because it is the cover that will attract them to the content.Alli brought class, finesse, style, and a corporate identity to the business of comedy, refusing to make it a street trade.Comedians now have a corporate outlook, there is now a corporate identity associated with what they do.Majority of them now have a registered business name for their craft.To enjoy patronage in your field of endeavour, you need to value excellence so that people will take you serious.


Pursue publicity:Publicity is any activity you carry out to stimulate public interest , making noise about what you have to offer.Ali made sure his services were in the face of the public.He erected bill boards in strategic locations ,placed adverts in newspapers, flaunting excellently produced complimentary cards with the tag line:”Being funny is a serious business”.Remember it is your visibility that lead to credibility.


Add value:He once made this statement:”For every opportunity you get .don’t let it slip away, use it to increase your rating”.Value adding is the basis for real growth and sustainable development.Ali his known to have a gigantic library where he draws materials from to upgrade his craft.Ali acknowledged the fact that it is not enough to receive gifts from God, its our duty to improve them.Ali also doubles as a compere alongside performing as a comedian.If you desire to get to the top of your career , you must value self improvement or go stale.


Create opportunities for others: The greatest good we can do for others is not to share our wealth with others , but to help others discover theirs.I have read news of Ali paying the rents of comedians, and even housing some of his collegues when they were starting out.The likes ofA.y, jedi, teju baby face, Tee a , Gbenga Adeyinka and others are unrepentant protégés of Ali’s mentorship class.Ayo Makun(A.Y) one of his protégés once said this:”Ali baba is not the king of comedy, he should be described or called a living legend”. Remember we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. Go and put these lessons into action. If its to be , its up to you to make it happen.Go and rule your world!

Ajose Kehinde is Nigeria’s renowned youngest career coach/motivational speaker.He is reachable @0802422530 or