Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Many people pay lip service to change , although some really desire it , but never get around to actually taking steps towards achieving that
change .Whether you are young or old , rich or poor, tall or short, every one in the secret chambers of their minds desire a better life. A life without inhibitions, restrictions and limitations. Life beyond borders and barriers. You desire to light to light your own fire, you desire to sing your own song , you desire to spread your wings and fly away.But you don,t know how to get started. You’ve attended countless workshops, seminars and programmes, read several books and interviews, but you still see that void in your life. You are stuck in the mire of life, finding how to rise and become who you were meant to be. A sage once said: “You cannot be who you were meant to be, by remaining who you are”.
So are you ready? Are you ready to give yourself the permission to live life abundantly? Imagine you have 3days to live. What would you do differently? The following are the tools you can apply to your life in order to become a better and more enterprising person.
POSITIVITY:This implies you will never think or affirm the negative concerning your self and also refusing to engage in “Stinking thinking” which results into you feeling sorry for yourself. Everyone slips and fall once in a while. But what really counts is to maintain a positive attitude .Do you see your life’s glass cup as half full or as half empty. You’ve got to choose what you want.Asa was once rejected in her church choir for having a rather unlady like voice, 9ice ‘s first album wasn’t a commercial success,cobhams asuquo is visually impaired, but they’ ve all maintained an optimistic outlook towards life. Choose to stick to positivity.

PLAY THE APPRENTICE: Yes! Play the apprentice even when you have the power to call the shots. This is one of the hallmarks of true great men. Men who realize that they always need to know if they must stay aglow. Playing the apprentice is about submitting yourself to becoming a learner from those who are masters of the art.As a student or a budding entrepreneur, You need to begin to associate with people who will stretch you and expand you into who you really need to be. It takes humility to be able to learn. I fondly recall my days as a budding motivational speaker, I attended every seminar within my capacity, and hooked up with mentors who constantly challenged me to be the best. Today, I am better for it. I was willing to glean from other people’s wealth of experience. The same can work for you.

PLAN: Success doesn’t just drop on your lap. You plan for it. No one succeeds by accident. Success is a function of a plan that was worked out. Any enterprise that is built on wise planning becomes strong .It isn’t enough for you to have the “Want to” factor you need to also embrace the how to “factor too. Everybody wants to make something out of their lives, no one is really desirous of counting the count , sitting down to plan. As you lay your bed , so you lie on it.

PERSISTENCE: Charles steinmetz one of the founders of General electric was crippled from birth, he was so short in stature that he looked like a dwarf. His mother died before he was one year old. His father was poor but determined that young Charles would have an education. His sight was defective e and people thought he would amount to nothing. He became educated in spite of his challenges and realized his life long dream. When he died in 1923, one writer said: ‘He had the mind of an angel and the soul of a seer.” Never ever give up. Keep trying and exploring the options life throws at you. You will win!

PARTICIPATE: Have you been merely loitering on the sidelines of life, instead of going into the main arena , and becoming the driver of your destiny . Its time to take responsibility for your life. Stop blaming your parents for not being able to pay your school fees, stop complaining about the start up capital you need to kick start your business. Stop indulging In the blame game and become an active participant in the game of your life. Life is like riding in a taxi whether you are going anywhere or not, the meter keeps ticking .Go and rule your world!

Ajose kehinde is a career coach/ motivational speaker. He is currently studying English at Lagos state university. He is reachable @ 08024212530 or splendidkenny01@