Tuesday, May 6, 2008

No one knows how it happened but suddenly 9ice, abolore akande suddenly became a force to reckon with in Nigeria’s music industry. This creative hit maker clinched the revelation of the year award and the vocal performance winner at the 2008 hip-hop world awards. Since the release of his latest album:”Gongo aso” which means something is about to happen,9ice has continued to make things happen in his music career. Here are the lessons everyone should learn from 9ice’s rise to success.

Lesson 1 :Originality(Don’t be a photocopy)
When I first listened to Gongo aso I was drown away by his lyrical prowess and its groovy beat.With his unique blend of ethnicity and contemporary feel, he has proven to us that there is power in originality. Now every one wants to sound like 9ice.If you must succeed in life, you have to stick to your uniqueness and be comfortable in your own skin .

Lesson 2:Persistence
Determined to toe music line, 9ice started putting down his songs in writing around 1995 , after which he recorded demos. After years of studying the music industry and working on his talent , 9ice finally became a shining light. His debut album titled: “Certificate” wasn’t really a commercial success, but he stuck to his game and today he is enjoying his profitable pay offs of persistence.

Lesson 3:Hardwork
A sage once said:” Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration”. Nothing works like hardwork.He got the ‘9’ part of his name based on the regimen he engages in. He does not go 9days without working on new songs. The main satisfaction of life comes from hard work. Whatever you are willing to work for, will definitely work for you.

Lesson 4:Passion
His encounter with music came to the fore after he dropped out of the law faculty of Lagos state university. His unquenchable passion for music made him use the money his parents gave him to enroll ;for JAMB to book studio session. This what tiger wood once said about the game of golf:’ I love this game to death. Its like a drug I have to have’.

Lesson 5:People skills
No one succeeds in isolation. His rise to the top of his game is a function of the relationship he has with others. He has done collabos with artistes like : rugged man, 2shots,and segun obe.In life its team work that makes your dream work.

Lesson 6:Start early
The way he carries himself proves that he is not a rookie musician.He started as far back as 1996 when he recorded his first demo titled:Risi de alagbaja.Whatever you want to achieve in life requires action orientation .Stop procrastinating on that book you desire to write .Fela durotoye puts it this way: ‘Early to start early to reign’

Lesson 7:Knowledge
Its true that your learning power determines your earning power. Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge. His proverbial lyrics and music harmonies all testify that he has a strong and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. As a career coach, I tell my clients to read at least two books in a moth so as to be on top of their career.

Lesson 8:Little beginnings
He wasn’t born with a silver spoon, but he has been able to make his parents proud of him. In the words of Dr chris Williams :’Its not a must to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth ,if you realize that you weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth you can deliberately put a golden spoon or a diamond spoon in your mouth if you so wish. The choice is yours’

Lesson 9:The God factor
In “Ade ori” a song in his album which is meant to show his attitude of gratitude to God, he showed with sincerity and honesty , his heart of gratitude to God. Success becomes permissible without God. God is the one who creates opportunities we never thought existed to succeed.
The lessons drawn from 9ice’s life is to make you motivated to take charge of your life. Nothing moves until you move!
Ajose kehinde is Nigeria’s youngest career coach/ motivational speaker. He is currently studying English in Lagos state university. He is a member of the coaching academy club u.k. is reachable at 08024212530 or motivationswithkehindeajose.blogspot.com/splendidkenny01@yahoo.com