Sunday, March 29, 2009

There is no point dreaming of turning your passion into profit if you never go beyond talking to walking and working the talk. Everyone who has ever built a thriving business empire had to start somewhere. The truth is that if you don’t start you won’t start. Quit reasons why you cannot get started and start embracing reasons why you can create a business driven by a burning passion to make a difference. You need to understand that all you have is all you need to start, what you don’t have you don’t need. Recently I had to organize a community development entrepreneurial summit. But I and my team had nothing in terms of the running capital needed to make the event a soaring success. But we dared it and it got a lot of buzz in the media.
Starting is the first step towards attainment. You don’t have to be great do start, but you have to start to be great. You may say:’I don’t have an office”, start from your home,” I don’t have money” start with the little you have. Find ways of giving your ideas wings to fly.Quincy Ayodele of Quincy Herbal slimmmers started her business with 5,000, .For eight years Kehinde kamson of sweet sensations operated her business from the back of her home.With just picture frames given to them as wedding gifts, Leke Alder started his business.His first designs were sold to members of his church.Never ignore the days of little beginnings.
-Start small:Small beginnings are often the room that births great enterprises.”Think about five ways of turning your passion into profit”.This was the question I posed to one of my clients while coaching her.It may be offering to render your services for free,telling people and giving a face to your services can also help to jumpstart your business.

Taste for excellence:Your starting small doesn’t entail reveling in mediocrity.Excellence should be your driving force.The reason why businesses growth are stunted in this part of the world is because the owners downplay the place of excellence and focus entirely on making profits.Strive to be worldclass in your service delivery.
Add value:Success is to render more and better service that is expected of you.Track stars always run ‘Through the tape”.In other words , they set their sights on a point just past the finish line.The same is true for winners in every area of life.Always seek to do more than is expected of you..
Renewal:As a passionpreneur its imperative to renew your mind.Your mind is a vital equipment for the attainment of your passion.Your dream is stunted in size and scope when the mind of the host is stunted in growth.When you stop learning , you start becoming lean in your business pursuits.
Take a step:Life will not give you your prized possession on a platter of gold. You must boldly take steps that will make your business dreams take shape.There are business opportunities disguised as problems around you.Get up ! , get out! and go make it happen!Never wait for the perfect condition.Go and rule your world!

Kehinde Ajose is Nigeria’s youngest career coach,he helps individuals turn their passion into profit.He is reachable @ 08024212530 or