Saturday, August 9, 2008


When he was 26, this vision driven young Nigerian established a weekly newsmagazine , which he called THIS WEEK. However when General ibrahim babagida ‘s government deregulated the foreign exchange market in 1986, this took its toll on the operations and the funding of the magazine. It folded up and the curtain was drawn on this youngster’s dream. His detractors began to criticize him for failing. Forgetting that with his sheer persistent nature he’s sure bound for the topmost top, in spite of the loads of challenges he’s been faced with. Today , in most part s of Nigeria, Nigerians see evidence of his dreams.THISDAY newspapers is now one of the Strongest newspaper brands and nduka obaigbena the publisher / founder of the company is regarded as one of the leading professionals in Nigeria’s journalism terrain. He was willing to hold on to the dreams he had despite the level of challenges he encountered. So many startup entrepreneurs are discouraged and disillusioned when they taste the bitter pills of adversity. Recently, I was coaching some young entrepreneurs who needed to jumpstart their business ideas. I told them clearly and bluntly that business takes time to blossom and grow, and they shouldn’t expect to break speed limits. Adversity comes to help us discover and develop the goldmine and the gemstone lying dormant on our inside. Which otherwise would have been lying there unused and dormant without the pressure of adversity.
She once sold her car so as to produce her talk show and went three years without a car. While in the university, she had to sell shoes and clothes so as to put body and soul together. As an entrepreneur it took time for people to buy into her dream. Today, she hosts and produced Nigeria’s number one talkshow:Newdawn.Her name?Funmi iyanda.She made the head lines recently for winning the archbishop desmond tutu award for her contribution to humanity. Her red hot passion made her sell her priceless possession just because of the fact that she believed deeply in the pursuit of her passion. What are you willing to sell in order to buy the future.? What are you willing to forfeit,
So as to savor the profits of significance and success?. Remember there are no shortcuts no anyplace worth going. Any accomplishment worth its salt is a function of sacrifice .Everybody desires fame, success, wealth and prosperity, but nobody is willing to pay the price of success in order to enjoy the prize of success. It is absolutely impossible to rise to the top in any sphere of life without sweating it out. Every gift in life comes with a price tag attached to it.
He hawked plantain on the streets of warri, which inspired his desire to succeed. That awesome sense of direction made him discover his true calling in life-sports broadcast. Talking sports fascinated larry izamoje greatly and he has been through thick and thin in order to profit from his passion. At a time in his life, he had to wake up very early in the morning in order to present a sports programme in abeokuta which will be lasting for only 15minutes.He had to turn his car into a cab so as to play his fatherly roles at home. Presently , Big Larry, as he his fondly called by his admirers sits atop the first sports radio station in Africa-BRILA FM.No wonder he once said: ‘Passion gives rise to action”. True greatness comes from a burning desire and a firm resolution to hang in there come what may. Larry has been able to master the streetwise lessons he learnt while starting as a rookie entrepreneur. Are you seeing your present challenges as a difficulty or as an opportunity? So what are you seeing about you life ?
Sunny ojeagbase started life with a standard six education and was also a compulsive gambler. He almost gave up on his business when they were experiencing financial difficulties. He was willing to hold on to the strong belief he had in God and today complete sports –(one of his numerous sporting publication )is the best selling sports journal in Africa. Several people have found their names on the pages of history because they were dedicated, determined and had a do it now lifestyle towards the actualization of their dreams.Dr sunny is referred today as Nigeria’s entrepreneur extraordinaire as a result of raising other entrepreneurs and contributing to human development. He succeeded despite the mountainous odds on his pathway to success. He could have given up on himself because of his educational background, but he decided to make a masterpiece out of the portrait of his life. Deciding to become a career coach/sought after speaker hasn’t been smooth and easy. I recall vividly the periods when I had to starve and save money so as to buy books, attend seminars and invest in my future. I had to sell magazines and books on the streets of Lagos. Those life’s experiences has made me been able to consult coach, and speak to people I never dreamt of meeting in my life time. According to George s Patton: “I do not fear failure. I only fear the slowing up of the engine inside of me which is pounding saying: “Keep going someone must be on top , why not you?” Go and rule your world!
Ajose kehinde is Nigeria’s youngest career coach and also a member of the coaching academy club U.K student of Lagos state university studying English. He is reachable @ 08024212530/