Friday, April 17, 2009

Dele momodu was tired of the way the western press represented the affairs of Africa .Dele decided to create a magazine that will showcase the beautiful colours , achievements and success stories of many Africans.His desire was to publish an African magazine for Africans and to create a forum where the real picture of Africa would be represented to the world.That was how the idea of ovation was birthed. All achievements, all earned wealth, have their beginning in an idea. So what you need for starters may not be that mused over money, connection or wealth. Money does not answer to idea, idea answers to money. I recall the fix I found myself in while trying to start out my motivational newsletter, which has become a toast of many. I thought of minimizing cost as well as maximizing profit. I got the idea of people placing adverts on the newsletter and paying a token for it. Immediately, I went out to work on this idea .Suprisingly, I used the money meant for the ads to produce the newsletter, without spending a dime of my own money.

Idea starts with you
.An idea starts with the individual, that is why the word begins with the letter I. Every successful entrepreneur is an embodiment of an idea which becomes a strong part of their personal identity. Mention Bunmi davies, and Stand up Nigeria(S.U.N) comedy show comes to mind. Mention Genevieve magazine and you immediately think of Betty irabor.An idea is birthed on a person’s womb, but it does not end there.Micheal dell, the computer magnate said:’ When you start a company it’s a very personal thing.”

Ideas need a host.
An idea need s some one to accommodate it and initiate it into existence. Without a host an idea cannot manifest. The idea of Business day was birthed in the mind of an individual who decided to initiate it into a worthwhile information product. When an idea unveils itself to you , and you ignore it, it leaves to find another host.Every renowned entrepreneur played host to an idea which in turn made them rich.

Law 3
Ideas needs someone’s life to live
Ideas do not have a life of their own, so they need the life of the host to grow and blossom.This means the host of the idea needs to give it attention, dedication, and commitment.That is why you find out that all successful business people are committed to making their business thrive .They are sold out to the business with their life and this gives room for the business to soar and reach for the skies.

Law 4
Ideas becomes you.
Think of Bill gates and Microsoft flashes in your mind. Think of Microsoft and Bill gates image comes to the fore. Warren buffet is Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire Hathaway is warren buffet. When people think of the idea your name must surfaces, and when your name shows up the idea must also be seen.

Law 5
Ideas never start big
Ideas expand overtime not over night. That is essential never to downplay the days of small beginnings.To make it big you must start small.I remember coaching a young man who wanted to venture into public speaking .I advised him to start with at least ten people he can be speaking to every week. Great things are birthed on a small scale.

Ideas needs people
Yes! The idea starts with you, but it must grow beyond you. You need to leverage on people’s expertise if your idea must grow wings and fly high. Sit down with teacher, trader and foremen and they will tell you that people skills make the difference between those who succeed and those who don’t. All of life’s successes comes from initiating relationships with the right people and then strengthening those relationships by using good people skills.

Ideas has to be pursued
The proof that you believe in an idea is that you are committed to pursuing it till it works. You need to understand that racing to the top won’t occur immediately. When you pursue the idea, commit to the plan , then nothing shall be impossible to attain. Your belief in your idea is the vital it needs to be revitalized.

Idea works with a plan
You need a plan to bring your idea into reality.To make your idea intelligible to people , you need to draft it i.e put into into pen and paper.Its not just enough to think it, you must also do well to ink it.Ideas do not come to fruition without embracing the virtue called planning.

Ideas feeds on knowledge
It is what you know that gives you an edge in life’s center stage. Its vital to know everything about your idea. The more intelligent you are, the bigger the idea. Equip your mind, renew your mind ,.An idea cannot grow beyond the knowledge you’ve fed it with.Read , study, and stretch your mind so as to become a resource person in the pursuit of your idea.

LAW 10
Ideas move when you move
Henry ford’s idea made cars available for all, philo fansworth’s idea created the tv.What will your idea create? Never wait till you have all it takes to get started. You already have what it takes to succeed. ‘But I don’t have what it takes” start with what you have.Move! take action!, make ie happen! Talk to people who can add and multiply the grandeur and in the idea you are carrying within you.All you have is all you need to start. The world is waiting for your idea.Go and rule your world.Order for my ideas manual:THE PATHWAY TO PEAK PERFORMANCE.It will fast track you into success.