Monday, March 3, 2008

10 habits of highly successful youngsters

In the past 3 years of my motivational speaking career, i have had the great priviledge of studying,watching from afar,and interacting with some notable and highly successfull young Nigerians.From denrele of the sound city fame to GT da guitarman,and not to forget my cherished interactions with chude jideonwo of the future awards and toyosi akerele of rise magazine. The purpose of studying what makes these young achievers tick, is to learn the secret of their obvious success and also model them.Knowing fully well that if these youngsters can live their dreams inspite of the so called
"Nigerian factor" rearing its ugly head, then any young person aspiring for the top can also replicate their success.
The following are the some of the positive habits they imbibe in other to keep suceeding:

1.They are original:According bishop oyedepo:"You are at your best when you are yourself".They don,t live their lives trying to be someone else.They draw strength from their natural qualities and inclinations.Denrele of the sound city fame is known for his zany hairstyle and unique mode of dressing.He doesn't imitate anyone.As john mason asserted:"Imitation is limitation"

2.They are vision driven:Based on the discovery of their calling, talents,and natural abilities,they craft their vison around these abilities.They consistently see into their preferable future and not their present conditions.Gt da guitarman,one of Nigeria's music icon once said in an interview i had with him:"I desire to be a worldclass musician and producer".Today , he is fast becoming what he saw in his life's vision.

3.They are hardworking:George w.elliot once remarked:"The main satisfaction of life comes through hardwork".These youngsters believe success comes with its price tag written on it.Chude jideonwo was always working and sweating out during preparations for the future awards. Little wonder the event was a grand success.

4.They believe in God:They consistently recognize that with God success becomes permissible, but without God success becomes impossible.They are quick to mention God as the source of their talents and fame.They understand that their achievements are a function of God'sendownment in their lives.

5.They are avid learners:Successful youngsters are always willing to learn something new.They major their lives on these saying:'Your learning power ,and not your yearning power determines your earning power".For instance i found in toyosi akerele's office a library of serious books.Success rides on the wings of information for realization.

6.They are focused:Ubong essien calls focus :"Sticktoitveness".They follow one course until successfull(FOCUS).At any points in their lives they give concentrated efforts to just one major thing at a time.No wonder they are refrence points in their chosen fields of endeavour.

7.They are people oriented:Successful youngsters don,t do things because of what they stand to gain, they are motivated by making impact, and not making money.They care about people and not trying to make people care about them.

8.They are never discouraged:For them, persistence is critical to achievement.When ever they experience the pains and perilious times of life, all they do is persist till they eventually suceed .

9.They take resposibility:Majority of the youngsters i have been able to interact with complain and whine about the state of our nation.But there are some other crop of young people who simply find creative solutions to these challenges.They take their destinies in their hands.

10.They are action oriented :They stick to what napoleon hill said:'Success comes to those who do things now".They do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.
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Ajose kehinde is Nigeria's youngest motivational speaker/ career coach.He is a member of the coaching academy club u.k.He is currently studying English in Lagos state university.He is reachable at 08024212530 /,