Thursday, April 23, 2009


Whether you are aware or not you a cast in a movie called LIFE starring you as the major character. God is the director of this movie , but he has given you the expensive privilege to be the script writer of this movie. As the director of this movie,he had already pre determined the first act of the movie, therefore you can’t choose the family you are born to ,you can’t choose your social status or background , you can’t choose your physical stature or complexion , you cannot choose the circumstances surrounding your birth. But conversely, you can choose how the story of the movie of your life will turn out. Perhaps it might become a block buster, chart breaker, which will garner awards or it might end up as a movie which will gather no mention in life’s hall of fame. All this is a function of deciding to use all the creator has wired within you in order to make the remaining part of the story of your life,s movie become a comedy rather than a bitter tragedy. Camera, lights, action.As a sage once said, Everyday is an opportunity to make a new happy ending.

Reading the proceeding lines of this article will help you especially if you are in the crossroads of life, not knowing how your life will turn out. You can be inspired by the stories I will be sharing with you of ordinary people who were able to carve out glory out of their life’s story.

They respectively dropped out of school close to graduation in pursuit of their destinies as rappers. parental persecution followed this choice .They made the studio their home for well over a year and their common diet was akara and bread. Those were those days they were broke but happy. Rooftop MCS Kunle Adeyoola and Laitan Hughes are now living the life. Much has changed. They are on top of their game and since returned to family richly welcomed and happily celebrated. They are on the A list of music makers who are listed among artistes smiling to the bank.

I was invited to be part of ENRICH YOUR LIFE SEMINAR powered by MTN with the renowned Les Brown as the guest speaker. More than 2 decades ago, nobody will give Les a chance. He was labeled as dumb and mentally retarded. He was dumped with his twin brother Wes by their biological mother. Help came their way as they were adoptetd by a living angel called Mamie brown a middle class woman who does not even have a university education. She became their mother and coach in the university of life.Les has turned out to be a man of many parts. He started by being a DJ to being a radio on air personality, to being a legislator , from there he rose to become a renowned motivational speaker and bestselling author of two books.He once said,Other people,s opinionof you does not have to be your reality.

He got an early jolt in life when he was barely eight years old, he lost his father .Since then life had been a struggle.He was raised by his mother a widow who had neither education nor financial means. Barely ten years old he acquired the thirst to achieve from hawking cold drinks and biscuits on the streets of lagos to support his mother. Today, Dayo Olomu is a Motivational speaker, trainer, media consultant, publisher , and entrepreneur.He was listed among UK ,s who is who of black achievers published in 1999 and 2000.

For the past four years I have dedicated my life to helping people become goal scorers in the game of life. When I started out as a motivational speaker, career coach and syndicated columnist, I encountered a whole lot of rejections. I recall those days I would go hungry just to attend seminars and to buy books.Trekking long distances just because I couldn’t afford to pay transport fare in order to attend events. Presently, things have changed and are still changing. I run a career coaching outfit where we coach high profile celebs and individuals how to live a life of peak performance. I have speaking engagements at least once a week, I grant media interviews which were not coming years back, and a columnist to over twenty publications including national dailies and magazines.All this didn’t happen over night but over time. Today I profit form my passion and help put smile on people’s faces. You too can rise to be an icon that people will look up to.I believe in you. We will read your own success story. Go and rule your world!

Kehinde Ajose is Nigeria ’s youngest career coach, Motivational speaker and syndicated columnist.He is reachable @ 08024212530 or his blog, .