Friday, September 5, 2008


When you think of greatness what comes to your mind? Is it being a star with fawning fans telling you how good you are? Is it calling the shots as the CEO of your own company? Or is it simply graduating with a first-class after years of burning the mid night candle, in order to be the epitome of greatness? Most of us have resorted to just coping with life instead of living it. We stay on the sidelines of the game called life and and act as if life is a football match with us as the spectators. The truth is that deep in the recess of our minds is that strong desire to be great, to be a shining light in our generation. We all have the capacity to be great, but it is not everyone that will be great, because it is only a few minority that puts into action the habits and the lifestyle of the truly great who inspire us to dream tall dreams and be all we’ve been wired to be. So what does it mean to be great?

G-Guts: Great people are gutsy. They are never discouraged by the trials and tornadoes of life .They simply step out and do what has been called –IMPOSSIBLE.I was flipping through the pages of a newspaper recently, and I was thrilled at Mr. olu Jacob’s definition of greatness, he said:” Greatness is achieving the unachieveable”.Exceptionally great people have had to encounter exceptional rejections and adversities but they never gave in to the bitter pills of defeat. A young man that never ceases to amaze me is the phenomenal cobhams asuquo –Nigeria, s award winning music producer who is visually impaired. He has been able to overcome his personal pains to become an icon in Nigeria’s entertainment mainstream. He once remarked in an interview:” You cannot afford to stop trying because you cannot afford to quit”

R-Relationships: Its been said that no one succeeds in isolation. Every success story is a story told by the priceless help of others. Great people leverage on quality relationships which yield quality results in their lives .Success or failure in life is essentially a function of human relationships. Have you ever found yourself dealing with some one difficult and thought:” she is talented but she is sure hard to work with”, such people never reach their full potential because they are able to accomplish only a fraction of what they could only if they knew how to win with people. Good relationships are more than just the icing on the cake, infact they are the cake- the very substance we need to live a fulfilling life.

E-Excellence:It connoites the quality of making something extremely good.Great people endorse their works with excellence and are willing to give their best so as to constantly be better than their best. According to Ameriaca’s celebrity entrepreneur Donald trump:” The best way to impress peole is through results” You have to create excellence to impress peole in the business of life. From small beginnings in jos and Abuja Psquare(peter and Paul okoye) came down to Lagos in 2000 to ,pursue their life’s passion-music.Fastforward to 2008, the tables have turned as they cruise posh wheels like hummer3 and Toyota sequoia .They upped the stakes in music videos when they sold their cars and traveled to the u.k to shoot videos of songs from their album. When you talk of excellently done music videos p square comes to mind. Great people refrain from mediocrity and embrace excellence.

A-Add value
Adding value is about making something better than you met it.Bill gates is described as the guy who had a dream of a computer on every desk , run of course by his Microsoft operating system. The ease with which we get our documents prepared, the speed at which graphics can be decided can be attributed to the value adding mentality of bill gates. I was invited recently to speak at an event and the organizers couldn’t afford my speaking fee, I just had to let go and I added value to the event. They’ ve decided to invite me for me for another event that will fetch more money. I focused on the impact not the income. Value adding is the basis for growth and development.

T-Tenacity:” You know I will never give up .I will only give up the day I breath my last. The day I die. The day I enter the grave. “These were the words of the erudite human rights activist chief gani fawehnmi.You can be sure that if Gani takes up a cause today, no amount of opposition will make him stop until its being accomplished. Never let go of the object of your pursuits. It is only the tenacious that will be victorious.You too can be great only if you apply these principles I have just shared with you. Go and rule your world !

Ajose kehinde is a student of lagos state university studying English. He is reachable @ 08024212530/
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