Friday, May 8, 2009


Life is a blank canvass and its up to you to paint your dreams and aspirations. Remember you only have one shot at life and it is imperative to convert it into a goal. I read the story of how an oyster is able to form pearls. When sands enter into the shell of an oyster down at the bottom of the sea, the oyster becomes uncomfortable and irritated because of this foreign body. In trying to expel this irritants it secretes some fluid that later harden to form pearls. Eventually, when the oyster dies, the pearl becomes invaluable. The pain of the oyster is its opportunity to form precious pearls. Whatever you are going through in life is an opportunity that leads to your place of promotion. According to Les brown: ‘If you view all the things that happens to you, both good and bad as opportunities then you operate on a higher level of consciousness’.
Great people are great not because they are born great, but they often heed to the clarion call, stepping on life’s platform to tell their stories so that others can be given fresh hopes to run life’s race.
. Like the story of a natal child in the hands of a caring mother, she watched her brain child, GENEVIEVE MAGAZINE, enlarged and yielding more fruits before her very own eyes. But it has not always been this exciting and splendid. The last couple of years had been a learning curve for her, no thanks to the high mortality rate of magazines in the country. In her words: ‘I just keep going inspite of everyday travails. It explains why I no longer wonder when the millions will roll in’. From the beginning she had a tough task of convincing a number of people and organisation that she could do it. Starting a business at 45 when others her age were already working on their pension plans wasn’t the easiest thing. Betty Irabor is perked up and as well pursuing her dreams. Today, she is on the forefront of waging war against breast cancer through her pink ball project helping women to step into their authentic role and live their best life.
Whatever your lot might have been in life, you can write a new story and become a better you. In the words of Diana Ross:’ My travails led me to where I am today, sometimes these steps have felt painful and difficult but led me to greater happiness and opportunities’.
In 1997, when he actualised his dream of becoming a reputable public relations- personality, he neither had a home of his own nor money in his pocket. He was squatting then with a cousin of his at Ogba Ikeja in Lagos. In his words:’The question then was that why should somebody who did not even have a money of his own think of setting up a company, when his contemporaries were travelling out of the country’. Presently Mr Adetokunbo Modupe head consultant TPT LTD is a epitomizes, doggedness, determination and steel will.He now administers a business empire that ranks among the top marketing communications companies in Nigeria.
Nollywood, Nigeria’s movie industry is growing despite not having the requisite resources and support. In the industry, there are 2 guys who are making every one drop their jaws.Peiople never stop to be amazed at Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) and Osita Iheme(pawpaw).Being interestingly diminutive reminds one of Hollywood’s Gary Coleman .It is incredible how this guys have turned their statures into great opportunities. They are presently among the highest paid in the industry earning as much as two million naira per movie.This goes to endorse the saying that in every difficulty lies an equivalent opportunity.
When they acquired their office, they had to wait for months to get the properties that will enable them function properly. Also they had to rely on good will which their job needs. The dynamic duo of Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye are known for contributing to the Nigerian entertainment industry through their company:KENNIS MUSIC.Every of your pain, predicament, and problems, will one day become a best-selling story that people will be pay to listen to. So , never ever give up on your dreams because you are not producing the results you have projected. Roll your sleeves, get to work and keep working at it. Surely the dream shall speak and I will read your own success story .Go and rule your world!

Kehinde Ajose is Nigeria’s youngest career coach, Motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. He is reachable @ /08024212530