Tuesday, May 12, 2009


There is no better time than now to recognize and push to the front burner of our minds the enterprising dogged spirit of the Nigerian. Inspite of the grisly experience we are made to go through everyday. The Nigerian still soars high above all fierce challenges and strives to live their best life. As the gospel of rebranding Nigeria is being preached, it’s a rule of thumb to showcase Nigerians who are blazing the trail, singing the song of victory in the face of gloom and doom, and like Oprah says:’ Living their lives with passion”. If the government is serious about rebranding, then its imperative to focus their lens on changing the way the Nigerian is being perceived by other comity of nations. One of the hallmarks of branding is perception.
His face is very recognizable for whetting our humdrum days with his humorous jokes, to his ever ready smooth delivery and affable personality. Gbenga Adeyinka is one humour merchant who has turned his love affair with stand up comedy into a money spinning venture, and his not even done yet, as he is enriching other fresh comedians with his wealth of knowledge and experience, and he is moving fast on the BRT lane to success. Let’s join the CFR in class for laffmattazz 101

Every success story is written as scenes, which later grows into acts. Gbenga Adeyinka started at the lower rung of the ladder of life. Back then at University of Lagos where he studied English language, he joined a drama group called: THEATRE 15,where he was able to hone his budding talents. There was a time in his life, where he had to work in a construction company. Its been said that small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises. The rave of the moment TIMAYA started his music career being paid stipends as performance fees today, he earns as much as 1.2m per gig. According to the veteran king of comedy, Ali baba:’For every opportunity you get, don’t let it slip away, maximize it and increase your rating.’Fela durotoye the renowned sought after motivational speaker once said:’ Dream big, start small and grow fast’

It was Tom Peters the erudite management consultant who said:’ if you are not distinct, you will soon go extinct’. Gbenga Adeyinka is the only Nigerian comedian that comes on stage and greets you in different languages and this makes him different. He also brands calls himself CFR Comedian of the federal republic. As a career coach, I often ask my clients this question:’ what makes you different from the crowd?” It is your differentiation that differentiates you from others.

The CFR once said:’ its been proven medically that when you frown your face gets wrinkled faster and when you smile your face and your muscle gets stretched. Comedians are so important now in Nigeria because of the tension “. Every business mogul like Donald trump and Richard Brandson will tell you there is no business until you find a need and fill it. Write down five needs you can meet in your environment and fill it.

Yes! Embrace P.D.P –personal development plan
Being current is the currency you need to transact the business of life. A CNN slogan says:’You are what you know’. Gbenga Adeyinka is known for his versatility and this is drawn from his commitment to continuous and never-ending improvement. According to him: ‘its not the card that gets you customers, it’s the humour in you. The best way to market yourself is what comes out of your mouth’. It’s imperative to invest in your personal growth and development.

In the words of Sam Adeyemi:’Don’t wink in the dark because nobody will take notice of you always make noise about your products and services’. Gbenga Adeyinka epitomizes this quotation. As a shrewd businessman, he has a TV programme called LAFFMATAZZ and also a magazine that bears that same name, which helps him to market his brand to his audience. Effective Marketing entails practicing the P.A.P principle, which symbolizes:
P-Proximity: How close to your client is your business?
A-Acessibility: How reachable is your business to your client and customers?
P-Publicity: How known to the public is your business?
As a syndicated columnist one of the ways I “make noise” about what I do is by writing for national dailies and magazines and its really paying off as I get to smile to the bank.

You are not rich until you enrich others with your wealth. Whatever you make happen for others, God will make happen for you. Gbenga Adeyinka has helped up other comedians write their names in gold by featuring them in his shows, TV programmes and Magazine. You will be remembered not for your duration on earth but for your donation to humanity. Can you dare help some deprived men and women find out they are mighty and great after all? You can be the sky that will house the stars of others. Go and rule your world!

Kehinde Ajose is Nigeria’s youngest career coach, sought after motivational speaker and syndicated columnist. He is reachable @ 08024212530 or splendidkenny01@yahoo.com/Motivationswithkehindeajose.blogspot.com