Friday, September 4, 2009



So many individuals have a preconceived notion about comfort zones. We have been told by management consultants, motivational speakers, life coaches that we should leave our comfort zone. We are told stuffs like:. "Good is the enemy of great." Some of them go further by telling us to stretch our potentials so that we can achieve more. Yes , I concur to the fact that its vital to leave your comfort zone, but I am also of the opinion that its imperative to live in your comfort zone.

Comfort zone in this context may be an activity, skill, talent, or something you engage in that makes you comfortable, excited, animated, alive, that gives you verve.Fela durotoye calls it your natural habitat, John Maxwell calls it your strength zone, a sage called it your :’Callingfication’.For a tiger woods its playing golf, for a Gbenga Adeyinka its humor, for a an Asa its music for a Bunmi Davies its event management, for an Ayo Arowolo its personal finance. God never created you without depositing your comfort zone within which you must express without.Birds are comfortable in the sky, cars are comfortable on the road,fishes are comfortable on water not outside of it.

On the flip side, so many are running the race of life outside their comfort zones.They do jobs they are not comfortable with, marry spouses that deplete their energy, and strive towards making a living instead of living their making.Heart attacks happens in America usually in the mornings between 7am and 9am because it is during that time people go to do jobs they are not comfortable doing.A story was once told in the Bible about David when he wanted to confront the giant called Goliath.King Saul clothed David with his armour and helmet, and some other war instruments.He tried in vain to use them , because he wasn, t comfortable with them.So David had to put them off.Then he decided to stick to what he is comfortable with:”Five smooth stones and a sling”.With these he was able to defeat goliath.

The major lesson I learnt from this story is that, in life people will often cloth you with offers you are not comfortable with, they instruct you to leave your comfort zone , instead of encouraging you to live in your comfort zone.Imagine a guy whose comfort zone is playing football, but based on societal expectations, he decided to got through the normal four walls of our education system which is not working.Imagine, if there is a soccer academy that is operated like a university, that allows student who have the flair for playing football to sharpen their talents and also their intellect.How many good footballers would we have produced.Formal education should help in strengthening, developing and empowering the talent that has been discovered.

The other day on TV , I saw an interview where a professor was agitating for salary increment.He said professors earn 4m annually It is appalling that professors earn 4m annually, when the highest paid musicians, actresses, actors, comedians can earn it just in 4 appearances.According to David Gelember, :”Being the biggest frog doesn,t,matter, if you are in the wrong pond”.As a student mathematics held no fascination for me , it wasn,t my comfort zone .Amazingly, on the flip side, i couldn,t resist my love affair with Englsh,I perform at my best both in written or spoken form .Dear friend, never ignore or discountenance your comfort zone, it is your true wealthy place, your own acres of diamond.Decide to make your life a masterpiece by sticking to your comfort zone.Go and rule your world!