Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As i was thinking on how to continue this series, i remembered a witty statement made by Nigeria's undoubtedly most sought after motivational speaker fela durotoye he said:'Its not the things you lack that slows you down,but what you have that you don,t use'.So many young people whine about the fact that its quite difficult to make headway in Nigeria.Though its quite knotty to live your dreams in this environment ,as nothing good comes easy,some brave young Niigerians still have the willpower and tenacity to live their dreams come what may.I will be bringing to centre stage one of our own who has been thrilling her audience through her God given ability.
After completing her schooling at federal government college jos,she enrolled at lagos state university in 2001 to study theatre arts.She says of her stay there:"I got frustrated and asked myself what i wanted to do"So after two years , she abandoned her programme and set out to dance to her own music.Her singing ablility was uncommon and at first not accepted.She said:"I remembered that i wasn,t accepted as a singer because my voice was too deep.In the church choir they were only interested in high pitched voice".She was rejected and dejected when she didn,t get a chance to sing.On leaving university, she decided to gain tutelage so as to become an expert in her field.She proceeded to peter king's college of music in badagry with the intention of completing a music diploma.
Today, Bukola elemide a.k.a ASA is the new face of soul music in the Nigerian landscape.She has performed in various national and international shows proving her own mettle and living her dreams one day at a time.Courage is critical to greatness in life.Asa was able to persist inspite of the odds she encountered on her journey to greatness.Recently i was coaching one of my clients, She desires to become an entrepreneur and she needed some coaching in her new found fascination.I told her it takes courage to leave a regular paying job to embrace the unpredictable world of entrepreneurship.Dear friend, resolve to take courageous steps in the direction of your dreams.If only you can stay with it, hang in there, never give in, never give up, never give out, then you will be able to beat your chest, walk tall and say to your self:'I have lived my dreams".Have you been inspired by these series, why don,t you share your story with me.
Ajose kehinde is a career coach/ motivational speaker.Member coaching academy u .k.He helps people find and focus on their career so as to enjoy fabulous results.He is currently studying English in lagos state university.He is reachable at 08024212530 /splendidkenny01@yahoo.com