Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A man’s irritation can become his irrigation when his difficulties turn to opportunities-Dr Chris Williams

You’ve just been irritated, you are upset, what do you do now? Firstly realize that anger is okay. Its okay to get angry and be angry.But you must make sure to control the anger and not let it control you. Anger is a natural reaction, the key is how you respond to it. Some of my highpoints in life, can be traced to my getting angry and maximizing the anger. When I started writing articles , I encountered a whole lot of rejections.At times, I send mails to editors introducing myself to them and telling them what I do. But it takes time for some of them to respond to my mails asking to become one of their columnist, as a result of their busy schedule, which made me angry.This anger led to my deciding to gain mastery and becoming the best on my craft. Recently on face book , a publisher of a magazine asked me to become a columnist for his publication, promising to reward me financially beyond what I had in mind.

Most people get angry , when they have a setback, when they, or others are treated unfairly, when things are not the way it should be. The challenge is that they let the anger subside and never harness its power. Anger is like a mighty rushing river that generates enough power to light a city. Imagine having a river and not using its water for power.’You can’t play the piano, God knows you can’t sing.You better learn how to weave chairs so you can support yourself. ‘Those were the uninspiring words from a teacher to a student and that student was Ray Robinson Charles. Popularly known as Ray Charles. At the tender age of six, he was completely blind. In his words:’As I look back over that period, I now realize that it was the best thing that ever happened to me’Those words made Ray angry, and he harnessed the anger positively, not by destroying himself, but by building up himself.

Anger used destructively can set your live ablaze and kill your opportunities.It becomes crucial to turn anger into an asset.That sack letter can inspire you to start your own business, that letter of eviction can propel you to build your own house …..turn that rage in riches.Some people do not get motivated, till they get angry.They need anger to push them out of the nest and make them fly. Sometimes , we need to be filled with righteous indignation.Willie Jolley ,Motivational Consultant puts is this way:’ Sometimes a success is a failure who gets mad, angry enough to take action’.Its alright to get angry, don’t just allow anger to get you.

-ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS: Why am I angry? Will this make a difference in a year?if the answer is no! then let it go!

-DIFFUSE AND USE IT: Whenever you get irritated try and look for the opportunity in the rage, instead of destroying the objects around you, look inwards and see how you can maximize the anger t your benefit.

-TAKE A BREAK:Cool your nerves , try to leave the scene of the anger and make sure you never say anything when you are angry , you may regret later.Turn that irritation to your door to solutions.Go make it happen!

Kehinde Ajose is a renowned career coach, Syndicated columnist and sought after speaker, who is reachable @ 08024212530 or splendidkenny01@yahoo.com


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Emmandus Inspired said...

Mr. Kenny makes us to understand that our challenges can be great springboard to success.I have always followed his column in the Wednesday issues of Business day newspaper,and he is a coach I hope to be positively influenced by personally.-Ayeni Emmanuel O.(emmandus)

Anna said...
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Anna said...

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