Monday, July 13, 2009


If you meet anyone who knows me well enough, and ask them to tell you something about me, more often than not they will mention my love for anything in print. I make a living by using words either through writing or speaking .Recently, I got a mail from some people who wants to start a magazine ,persuading me to get on board as a columnist. On the larger scale , I have also been commissioned with coming up with peak performance trainings for individuals and professionals. This subject TURNING YOUR PASSION INTO PROFIT is a subject that I am impassioned talking about. In this day and age where the rate of unemployment is growing in leaps and bounds , where more young people are leaving school without getting immediate employment. It is critical for them to turn their labour of love into a love of labour.
Every one has a passion. The fact that everyone has a passion shows that we all have something we are good at, something we are experts in, something that gives us an inner sense of fulfillment. Real life examples abound. Think about TY Bello, who turned her passion for photography into a profession, think about funke bucknor obruthe who turned her love for organizing things into an events planning company called Zappphaire, not forgetting Bright okpocha whose love for stand up comedy has seen him become one of Nigeria’s strongest comedy brands. In the words of John D Rockefeller: “The road to happiness lies in two simple principles; find what it is that interests you and you can do so well, and when you find it, put your whole soul into it. Every bit of energy, ambition and drive that you have.”
The challenge for so many individuals is that they want to start out making money instantly from their passion. That is not to say it is impossible, but there is as place of starting small, taking baby steps, pursuing it one day at a time. I often tell my audience this while speaking on the subject of passion:” Do what you have a flair for, if you are good enough the money will come”. Resolve to chase your passion not your pension. You must get money to chase you but never let it catch you. If it catches you, you will become its slave. In a research carried out by career consultants it was discovered that most people will be happier doing another job. All known achievers build their live on their major or core inclinations. You can summarize their names in one word or a brief sentence. Martin Luther king was civil rights disposed, Shakespeare demonstrated literature, larry izamoje comes alive talking sports.
Professor Pat Utomi is one Nigerian that epitomizes this subject. A man who was already a presidential adviser at the age of 27.He voluntarily left the prospect of becoming a Nigeria’s first indigenous CEO of Volkswagen Automobile because he was no longer having fun. Something deeper was calling for his heart felt attention. Business research and analysis of the environment fascinated him extremely. He followed his passion and left the cozy confines of corporate Nigeria. Today, there’s practically nothing money can buy that he can’t get. He says; ‘Do what you enjoy doing , give value, in the end you are happier”. Revisit the things that brought you great joy and bliss whenever you thought about or did them, they just might serve as a clue to your own wealthy place.
Dear reader, decide to fan your fascination into flame. You too can begin to say to yourself: “This little light of mine am gonna let it shine” Stick to your “Callingfication not necessarily your qualification. Go and rule your world!


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